Zomato Interview Questions SDE|Zomato job Interview

In this most we will give Zomato job Interview questions /Zomato  Interview Questions SDE .At first we will give Zomato coding questions followed by Zomato  Technical interview questions which will include Zomato DBMS,Operating system(OS),Data Structures and Algorithms Questions.

Zomato Coding Round Questions

Here below we share all the Zomato Coding question that were asked in coding rounds for SDE.

  1. Find total number of set bit in numbers upto n.
  2. Reverse the each word of the given paragraph.
  3. WAP to find height of BST.
  4. Detect if two line segments intersect each other.
  5. Form the maximum number from the elements of the array.
  6. Write a code for a 2-D array such that it there’s a zero, it overwrites all the elements of the corresponding row and column as zero.
  7. Write a code to find the previous shorter element in an array.
  8. Given a world map such that all the places covered via land are represented by ‘L’ and rest by ‘W’. Since world is spherical hence rows and columns are cyclic (before row 1 row n comes and after row n row 1 same for column). Count the number of islands.

Zomato Technical Interview Questions (SDE)


Here below we share all the Zomato DBMS question that were asked in Technical rounds for SDE.

  1. What is indexing and how is it implemented internally.
  2. Given two DBs A and B and one table T ( Columns C1, C2)in both DBs, C1 was primary key in them and C2 was another indexed column in DB B. Select query will run on both DBs i.e Select C2 from T where C1=X. Which DB will serve faster data

Operating System(OS)

Here below we share all the Zomato OS question that were asked in Technical rounds for SDE.

  1. What is Semaphore? Types of Semaphore.
  2. Why we need paging?
  3. Why is Indexing needed?
  4. what is demand paging?What is page fault?
  5. What is Thrashing?
  6. Why file management is necessary?
  7. which scheduling algorithm is the best?and why?
  8. Explain what is multi-level paging?
  9. Counting Semaphore applications?

Data Structures & Algorithms

Here below we share all the Zomato DS/ALGO  question that were asked in Technical rounds for SDE.

  1. Detect and remove loop in linked list. Proof of hare and tortoise algo.
  2. Detect if two line segments intersect each other.
  3. A cylinder is rolled in the form of a sheet. Given two points find out the distance between them.
  4. WAP to find k nearest points.
  5. Design LRU cache.
  6. Find the minimum number of switches you have to press to turn on all the bulbs.
  7. Delete a node with a pointer in linked list.
  8. Given a dictionary list possible approaches for finding whether key exists in the dictionary or not.
  9. Create a stack in java.
  10. Longest palindromic substring.
  11. WAP to check whether tree is symmetric or not.
  12. Find the sum of odd positioned nodes of a BST.

How To Prepare for Zomato Interview(SDE)

For DS and Algo : GeeksforGeeks, HackerRank & Ravindra Babu lectures. For OS, CN & DBMS : GATE Notes and GeeksforGeeks and sanchit jain videos for OS. OOPS concepts online. *Also know about some advanced DS concepts, their working and use cases like trie, segmented trees, splay trees, skip list, Red black trees, AVL etc. they won’t ask you to code them but just knowledge of the above stuff would help you to stand out of the crowd.Be through with your resume and make sure you can justify each and everything written in your resume

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Hope this helps and boosts your preparation .If you are new to coding and do not know how to start make share you follow ULTIMATE RESOURCES FOR CODING GUIDE.This will help you choose the best platform and best books you need.

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