Bajaj Auto Recruitment Process for Mechanical Students

Here in this post we will give overall Bajaj Auto Recruitment Process and overall idea about the interview , round wise interview process and question that you can face in each rounds.

Bajaj auto interview
  •  A Zero Debt 3.5 Billion Dollar Company 
  •  Word’s largest three-wheeler manufacturer and third largest two-wheeler manufacturer
  •   India’s Number 1 motorcycle exporter – 2 out of every 3 motorcycles exported are Bajaj 
  •  Single largest exporter of Branded Goods – exporting 50% of India’s two and three-wheelers 
  •  Over 40% revenue from International markets with 15+ million motorcycles

Bajaj Auto Interview/Recruitment Process

JOB PROFILE:  Graduate Trainee Engineer

Stream :Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Bajaj Auto Recruitment Rounds & Recruitment Process:

Selection Procedure of Bajaj Auto (1st round, 2nd round, Complete Description)

The first round of Bajaj Auto Recruitment Process was an online test that comprised of Analytical, Aptitude, Language and Technical sections.The technical section consisted of questions from basic analog, digital and power electronics as well as electrical machines. The second round was a psychometric test for which no preparation is needed. You are expected to answer what you think is right. The third round was a technical interview where i was interviewed exclusively on electrical machines (my field of interest). The questions were wide in range but not very difficult. The topics included classification, speed-torque characteristics, speed control, starting techniques. There were questions based on different machine parts too such as the commutator windings and the purpose of a particular component for that machine. The fourth round was the HR interview which was completely non-technical and more of a personal one on one interaction.

Bajaj Auto job interview

Bajaj Auto Interview/Recruitment Process for Mechanical Engineering Students



JOB PROFILE:  Graduate Trainee Engineer

Stream :Mechanical Engineering

Bajaj Auto Recruitment Rounds & Recruitment Process:

Selection Procedure of Bajaj Auto (1st round, 2nd round, Complete Description)

1st round – Online Aptitude test and basic mechanical questions 2nd round – Technical interview and HR interview.1st round test: Prepared for aptitude questions from online aptitude tests like Indiabix. For technical questions, just read up on the basics covered in 2nd year mechanical engineering courses. Fluids, materials, manufacturing, etc. For interview: No preparation as such. I read my resume line by line and thought about what questions could be asked regarding previous internships and projects, etc. Prepared based on that and made sure I knew everything about whatever I had mentioned in my resume. Just make sure you’re 100% clear on your basics. Even the most obscure questions from basic concepts may be asked – material science, Engineering Drawing and other basic subjects


General Tips for Mechanical students for Bajaj Auto

1) Make your fundamentals in Mech strong 2) Be thorough with your resume. All your projects must be at the back of your hand. 3) If your GPA < 8, chances are you will be asked about it, ensure you have done enough work outside to justify why its low

This was a brief overview of how Bajaj Recruitment Process is done ,hope this helps to prepare for your  next interview . Best of Luck .If you have any Queries do ask in the  comment.Till then prepare and crack interview with us.

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