Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021

Here in this post we discuss the overall  Wells Fargo Interview Experience  . Here in this post we cover Wells Fargo Interview Experience, Wells Fargo Frequently asked Interview Question 2021, and also we give details/guidance so that you can crack Wells Fargo Interview.

Below, we share an overall Interview Experience shared by some NIT/IIT students. Before going for any Interview you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here we give you a brief about the company, and  you can Visit Wells Fargo careers page for more details.





Wells Fargo & Company (NYSE: WFC) is a diversified, community-based financial services company with $1.9 trillion in assets. Wells Fargo’s vision is to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially. Founded in 1852 and headquartered in San Francisco, Wells Fargo provides banking, investment and mortgage products and services, as well as consumer and commercial finance, through 8,050 locations, 13,000 ATMs, the internet (wellsfargo.com) and mobile banking, and has offices in 38 countries and territories to support customers who conduct business in the global economy.



EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 1                                      well fargo interview experience

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Software Developer Intern

JOB LOCATION : Bangalore, Hyderabad

Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021/Wells Fargo Interview Questions

Round 1 of WELLS FARGO : It was an online test and consisted of many sections like aptitude, analysis and coding.

Round 2 of WELLS FARGO: Technical interview 1 – I was asked questions about my interest: web development and a question about linked lists. I also had to describe one of my projects.

Round 3WELLS FARGO: Technical interview 2 – This was a system design interview where I had to design a system for a customer care service. This was intended to test our design and OOP skills.

Round 4 WELLS FARGO: HR round – I was asked some questions about my project, the decisions I made and why I made them and some questions about why I wanted to work at Wells Fargo.

Advice to crack WELL FARGO

Since they are a financial company, try to focus on scalability and technologies you are familiar with. Also in spite of the interview being for an internship role, the questions were very detailed exploring the depths of the topics asked. This gave me motivation to dive further into my interests.


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 2                                          Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021

BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE: Software Developer Intern

JOB LOCATION : Bangalore, Hyderabad

Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021/Wells Fargo Interview Questions

Online screening round for Wells Fargo:

An online screening test that included sections on English, logical analysis (data interpretation mostly), and coding. The coding section had two questions of moderate difficulty, but the questions differed for each person taking the test. The test was held on the AMCAT platform.
Around 30 people were shortlisted after this test.

Interview round 1 for Wells Fargo :

This was a technical round, in which the interviewer mainly asked me questions about my resume and topics mentioned in my resume. For example, I had some web development and networking based projects, so most of the questions were based on that. This round lasted for 40-50 minutes.

Interview round 2 for Wells Fargo:

The interviewer asked me some basic DSA questions, resume discussion, and some situational questions. There were some CS fundamentals questions as well from topics like DBMS, OS, and Computer Networks. It seemed like a mix of technical and HR round. This round lasted for 40-50 minutes.

HR interview round for Wells Fargo:

This was a relatively short round, lasting only for around 10-15 minutes. The interviewer mostly told me about what Wells Fargo does and what is expected of an intern at Wells Fargo. It was more of a doubt clearing session for the applicants

Advice to crack WELL FARGO

Know your resume very well. Most of the questions asked were based on topics from my resume, and explaining projects in the resume are a big part of the interviews.


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 3                                                              welll fargo interview zoom

BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE: Software Developer

JOB LOCATION : Bangalore, Hyderabad

Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021/Wells Fargo Interview Questions

The first round was an online test on the AMCAT platform.

The test had 3 sections:- 1)English(Duration:- 15min) 2)Business Analytics(Duration:- 25min) 3)Coding(Duration:- 60min)

The coding section had 2 questions. I got more than half the test cases in both questions.

Round 2:- Technical Interview The technical interview lasted for 45 minutes. The interviewer asked a couple of DBMS questions and questions based on React(After looking at my resume). He then asked 2 coding questions which were easy but based on data structures.

Round 3:- Technical + HR interview The interviewer asked me a couple of basic questions after looking at my resume(such as python vs c++ differences). He then asked me a couple of personal questions(such as where did you go to school? what are your interests?etc.). The interview lasted 45 minutes.

Round 4:- HR interview The interviewer was nice and friendly and asked me why I wanted to join Wells Fargo and a couple more personal questions. The round lasted for 15 min.



BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE: Software Developer

JOB LOCATION : Bangalore, Hyderabad

Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021/Wells Fargo Interview Questions

First round: Online test This test had three sections, English, Logical Analysis and 2 Coding questions. The difficulty of the coding questions were medium-hard.

Second round: Technical Interview 1 This interview lasted for 50 minutes over a Zoom call. The interview started with an introduction followed by one of the projects’ explanation. I was asked theory questions based on Operating Systems (virtual memory, scheduling algorithms), DSA (Trees, Graphs, BFS, DFS, Hashing), Computer Networks. This was followed by a few questions based on my interest. At the end, he gave me an OOPs based problem statement and asked me to describe my approach of solving it.

Third round: Technical Interview 2 This interview lasted for 40 minutes. The first question was a tricky logical puzzle. Followed by theory based questions DSA (tries, trees, practical examples), Computer Networks (OSI model, application layer protocols, three-way handshake, detailed explanation of https protocol), DBMS (transactions, ACID property, some more complex questions), OS and web dev based questions. Fourth round: HR Interview 1 This interview lasted for around 40 minutes. My HR round was taken by head of technical operations. This ended up being a technical round for me. Started with an Introduction, project explanation, few questions on python language, statistically vs dynamically typed language, he asked me about a complex problem that I had solved before, followed by some more questions. Fifth round: HR Interview 2 This interview lasted for about 10 minutes. This was a more like a QnA section where we can get our doubts clarified

how to crack interview well fargo



Know your DSA concepts well. Apart from that, read on OOPS, OS and DBMS. It’s very important to know your resume. I also observed that Wells really looks into whether your core concepts are strong. Read about the company and what it does. It creates a good impression when you ask questions regarding what the company does, as it shows you’re genuinely interested. According to my interview experience, Wells Fargo focused more on the fundamental knowledge, a lot of theory based questions were asked from a multitude of subjects. During the interview, it’s better to tell the interviewer if you don’t have knowledge about a particular question or topic, they don’t expect you to know everything.




well fargo coding questions


Wells Fargo coding Questions

  1. given a graph and a start node, find the shortest distance from the start node to the leaf node where leaf node is the node connected to only one other node.(BFS)
  2.  given an office cubicle represented as an array(2d) , given some spy in a cubicle which can see in 8 directions and you need to get out of the office without being caught moving in 4 directions.(Dijkstra)
  3. Wells Fargo Interview Experience 2021
  4. https://imgur.com/a/YPf1NCe
  5. count the number of a given single digit number in a integer(basically :- if(k==n%10) count++; n=n/10;
  6. add the numbers in odd places of an array and return the value.
  7.  Maximum Sum Increasing Subsequence in nlogn (1<N<10000)
  8.  Given an array, find the sum of the pair of numbers whose product is maximum.
  9. Given a number, find the number of occurrences of the given digit in it.
  10. Descriptive but boils down to number of consonants in character array.
  11. https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/find-smallest-permutation-given-number/
  12. Starting coordinate along with multiple coordinates given, find the minimum number of straight lines connecting all coordinates from start.

Above we discussed Wells Fargo Interview Experience  and Wells Fargo Interview Questions. Hope this give an overall idea of Wells Fargo Interview Process. If you liked it, do check your Interview Question Sections for more Interview Questions of Different Product and Service based company.


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