Morgan Stanley Internship Questions

Here in this post, we discuss the overall Morgan Stanley Internship Experience . Here in this posts we cover Morgan Stanley Internship Experience, Morgan Stanley Internship Frequently asked Interview Question 2021, and also we give details/guidance so that you can crack Morgan Stanley Internship.

Below, we share an overall Interview Experience shared by some of the NIT/IIT students.Before going for any Interview you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here we give you a brief about the company and  you can Vistit Morgan Stanley  careers page for more details.


ABOUT Morgan Stanley

Morgan stanley intership questionMorgan Stanley mobilizes capital to help governments, corporations, institutions and individuals around the world achieve their financial goals. For over 85 years, the firm’s reputation for using innovative thinking to solve complex problems has been well earned and rarely matched. A consistent industry leader throughout decades of dramatic change in modern finance, Morgan Stanley will continue to break new ground in advising, serving and providing new opportunities for its clients.



EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 1 Morgan stanley interview questions

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Summer Intern

JOB LOCATION : Mumbai/Bangalore

Morgan Stanley Internship Questions / Morgan Stanley Internship  Interview Experience

The first round  of Morgan Stanley was an online test.It consisted of three sections , namely aptitude ,debugging and coding problems.There was enough time for each section.There were 15 students shortlisted for the next round.The next round was a HR+Technical interview.In the technical part , I was asked a coding question on Trees (code had to written on a notepad , once the approach given was right),a few questions on OOPS concepts, some DSA questions and was also asked to design a basic version of amazon prime.In HR interview, they asked questions on leadership skills, If not hired by Morgan Stanley What would be my reaction ,a risk taken and is not guilty of ,and many more questions of that sort.The interviewer was very friendly.In the end ,5 students were shortlisted.


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 2        Morgan stanley intership questions

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Software Engineering Intern

JOB LOCATION : Mumbai/Bangalore

Morgan Stanley Internship Questions / Morgan Stanley Internship  Interview Experience

An online test, followed by 2 rounds of interviews. The online test consisted of 3 sections – An aptitude section consisting of MCQs for 20 min, a code debugging section for 20 min, and finally a coding round having 3 coding questions for 60 min. Around 15 students were short-listed for interviews.

The first round of Morgan Stanley of interview was purely technical and began with a few basic concepts and applications of OOPS, followed by some basic concepts of OS. This was followed by 2 medium level coding questions, which required explanation of approach as well as coding the solution on notepad. Totally, this round lasted for around 1 hour 20 min.

The second  round of Morgan Stanley  interview was the HR round, lasting for around 30 minutes, having general questions about myself and how I would work in a team. After this round, 5 students were offered internship


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 3    morgan stanley questions

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Software Engineering Intern

JOB LOCATION : Mumbai/Bangalore

Morgan Stanley Internship Questions / Morgan Stanley Internship  Interview Experience


Online Coding Test  for Morgan Stanley – It consist of aptitude questions and three coding questions. Unlike other companies we were given sufficient time for the aptitude part as well as coding part.

Three Coding Questions of Morgan Stanley were

1. There was an array in which some elements are repeated. We have to print top 3 elements of highest frequency.

2. It was modified version of Knapsack 0/1 Problem

3. It was Jump game problem – approach BFS/DFS I was able to solve most of the aptitude, first coding question completely and other 2 partially. Out of 160 Students 15 were shortlisted.

Technical Round of Morgan Stanley 1 (F2F 1hr 40min) Firstly he asked me to introduce myself and asked to briefly explain all of my projects.

Q.1 Look at your Keyboard and explain the OOP concepts implemented on the keyboard. 



 Q.4 There is a linked list which contains positive as well as negative elements. Whenever sum of any continuous elements become zero remove all those elements. Ex - 8->10->9->(-19)->25 ans will be 8->25 

Q.5 There is a log record of thousands of data in which there are many IP addresses. I have to extract each IP address from the log record. I suggested regular expressions. Then he told me to write regular expression of IP address, I wrote it and he seemed satified. 

Q.6 I was able to answer all the questions he asked me to write code for each question and he tested it with different test cases. Interviewer was very friendly and helped me whenever I stuck.

After this round 8/15 students were selected HR Round 2 (40 mins) Firstly he asked me to introduce myself. Then he started talking about leadership skills, how you manage your team if you were leader? Why Morgan Stanley? and many more standard HR questions. Actually I havent prepared for HR interview I gave all the honest answers. He was very friendly. He was literally the coolest person I ever talked with (I’m not kidding). Just be yourself in the HR round, just keep speaking your answer dont need to be perfect but you should say every word with confidence. Always keep a smile throughout the interview. After this round finally 5 students were selected


BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering


JOB LOCATION : Mumbai/Bangalore

Morgan Stanley Internship Questions / Morgan Stanley Internship  Interview Experience

1 Round of Morgan Stanley: Online coding test, first section had 3 dsa questions, difficulty medium. Second section had code debugging questions(3) had to find syntax errors, simple logical errors.

2 Round of Morgan Stanley: Technical interview: Linked list 2 questions, 1 binary tree question, one N queen problem( backtracking), had to calculate time complexity and suggest improvements if possible. Some questions on OOPS concepts and real life examples related to that. System design question of vending machine: classes, attributes, relations, tables required… then they asked some SQL queries based on the table. OS: one threading related question DBMS: only asked about what ACID properties are and its importance. 3 Round: Technical + HR, Asked 2-3 DSA questions, then HR related and also asked about the projects listed in resume

How to crack morgan stanley


How to crack/prepare for Morgan Stanley Interview?

From technical side of things, practise DSA questions extensively in the summer vacation and be strong in the theoretical concepts of OS, DBMS and OOPS. Taking part in competitive programming contests does help in clearing the online rounds. Also take up a lot of mock interviews to get used to the interview experience.

Coming to the placement season itself, be calm and irrespective of your amount of preparation, be confident in your abilities. The process relies a lot on luck, and so be ready to face quite a few rejections and don’t let them disappoint you too much. Wait patiently and don’t get demoralised with your peers getting placed before you. There are several companies out there and you will eventually get an offer. Just enjoy the process and good luck!


Above we discussed Morgan Stanley Internship Interview Experience  and Morgan Stanley Internship Interview Questions. Hope this give an overall idea of Morgan Stanley Internship  Recruitment Process. If you liked it, do check your Interview Question Sections for more Interview Questions of Different Product and Service based company. interview questions

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