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Here in this post, we discuss the overall Texas Instruments Interview Experience 2024. Here in this posts we cover Texas Instruments Interview Experience, Texas Instruments Frequently asked Interview Question 2024, and also we give details/guidance so that you can crack Texas Instruments Interview.

Below, we share an overall Texas Instruments Interview Experience 2024 shared by some of the NIT/IIT students.Before going for any Interview you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here we give you a brief about the company and  you can Vistit Texas Instruments careers page for more details.


ABOUT Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments interview

Texas Instruments has been making progress possible for decades. We are a global semiconductor company that designs, manufactures, tests and sells analog and embedded processing chips. Our more than 80,000 products help over 100,000 customers efficiently manage power, accurately sense and transmit data and provide the core control or processing in their designs, going into markets such as industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment and enterprise systems. Our passion to create a better world by making electronics more affordable through semiconductors is alive today as each generation of innovation builds upon the last to make our technology smaller, more efficient, more reliable and more affordable – opening new markets and making it possible for semiconductors to go into electronics everywhere. We think of this as Engineering Progress. It’s what we do and have been doing for decade


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 1TEXAS interview experience

BRANCH: Electrical and Electronics Engineering



Texas Instruments Interview Question / Texas Instruments Interview Experience

1st round of  Texas Instruments Interview – First round was an online test. You could write it for Software profile(75 minutes), Hardware profile(120 minutes or Hardware-Software profile(165 minutes). I wrote for Hardware-Software profile. It had 4 sections Aptitude(20 questions, 30minutes), Analog(20 questions, 45minutes), Digital(20 questions, 45minutes), Embedded(10 questions, 45minutes). Based on your performance, you could be called for interview in any of the three profiles or all of them. The Analog section was tricky and difficult, the questions were from OpAmps, MOSFETs, RC circuits,BJTs. Digital section questions were of moderate level but tricky, questions were from combinational/sequential circuits, counters , also had 3 Verilog questions.

2nd round (Interview) Texas Instruments Interview – I was selected for both Digital and Software profile. Digital interview spanned over 45 minutes. Questions were from basic gates, MUX, flops/latch timing diagrams, FSMs , STA(a lot, around 5), CMOS inverter, parasitic components. In software profile, I was asked questions on C and microprocessors.Embedded section had questions in C, microprocessors and data structures. I got selected for the third round(HR) in Digital profile, some people had two technical rounds.

3rd round(HR) Texas Instruments Interview  – Just a casual chat and was more of a formality. Spanned around 15 minutes.


How to Prepare for Texas Instruments Interview?

For Digital revise digital electronic concepts from Morris Mano, STA from VLSI expert website, NPTEL lectures for Verilog. For Analog i went through the book Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi’s and lectures by him on YouTube, Network theory from Hayt. I practised Aptitude questions from Indiabix website. I solved previous year GATE questions for both Analog and Digital. Didn’t really prepare for software.

EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 2    texas interview analog

BRANCH: Electrical and Electronics Engineering



Texas Instruments Interview Question / Texas Instruments Interview Experience

The first round of screening was an online test. The test had three sections, namely Analog, Digital, and aptitude. Analog and the Digital sections had to be completed in 45 minutes each, and the aptitude section in 30 minutes. There were questions on RC, RL, RLC circuits, amplifiers, buffers, MOSFETs, etc in the analog part, the digital part had questions related to combinational and sequential circuits and on Verilog as well. I felt that the questions in the aptitude part were simple and are easy to score marks. I was shortlisted for the analog internship interview round. In the interview, the interviewer started with RC, RL, and RLC circuits, like their frequency response, unit step response, etc, then there were questions on Opamps and MOSFETs and in the end, he asked questions on bode plots. The interviewer also extended the time allotted to ask questions about my projects, which I have mentioned on my resume. Then the HR round was conducted through a phone call.


How to Prepare for Texas Instruments Analog Interview?

Study  BJTs and MOSFETs from “Microelectronic Circuits” by Sedra and Smith, bode plots from an MIT resource that I have found online. There is a playlist of Behzad Razavi on YouTube which I have found very helpful. I reached out to a senior who had got shortlisted for analog last time for his advice on preparation, his advice has helped me a lot.


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 3texas interview 2021

BRANCH: Electrical and Electronics Engineering



Texas Instruments Interview Question/ Texas Instruments Interview Experience

Online round for Texas Instruments Interview : I had applied for only Software profile, so questions were restricted to aptitude, C programming MCQs (theoretical & coding), OOPs concepts and data/bit manipulation.

I had 2 rounds of interviews, both technical. The interviewer asked me pretty basic though extremely diverse questions, maybe since I was from EEE.

Round 1 of  Texas Instruments Interview: I was asked to explain sampling theorem and Nyquist rate, a signal processing theorem; implement a given equation using NOR gates (both normal one and the one using the minimum number of gates); a basic bit manipulation using recursion and then in one step. He let me code in Java though they usually prefer C in Texas Instruments. Then he asked about 2 projects in my Resume and let me go.

Round 2 of Texas Instruments Interview: I was pretty intimidated and excited about this round since I had looked up my interviewer, and he turned out to be a Bachelor’s in EEE from IITB (Damn! XD). However, this round turned out to be more fun than the previous one. After introducing myself, we started discussing one of my other projects, which had an embedded system part to it. He asked very funky questions involving DSP processors, MUX, flip flops with multiple clock inputs, etc., asking me to modify it step by step as he kept taking components off it. Mostly, you had to keep your mind open and perfectly active under pressure in that situation. Then he asked me to code a simple program: count the minimum number of powers of 2 it will take to represent a number that occupies 8 bytes (basically the number of 1s in the binary representation of a long int). Though he insisted that I code in C, I got it immediately, and it was a moral booster at that point. Upon questioned, I told him that I haven’t studied Operating Systems yet. He refrained from asking from there. He asked a bit about what I had learnt in my IT Minors and asked a few basic questions from DBMS. Then he ended the interview by asking if I had any questions for him.

How to Prepare for Texas Instruments Software Interview?

For the Software profile of Texas Instruments, brush up on all of your basics well. Look up on the company specific domains because it definitely sets you apart to learn about bit manipulation and microprocessors/embedded systems apart from the regular DSA, OOPs concepts for Texas Instruments. Lastly, know the projects that you put in your resume like tracing the back of your hand.



Above we discussed Texas Instruments Interview Experience  and Texas Instruments Interview Questions. Hope this give an overall idea of Texas Instruments  Recruitment Process. If you liked it, do check your Interview Question Sections for more Interview Questions of Different Product and Service based company. interview questions

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