Tesco Interview Question 2021,Tesco Interview Experience

Here in this post we discuss the overall  Tesco INTERVIEW QUESTION 2021 . Here in this post we cover Tesco Interview Experience , TESCO  Frequently asked Interview Question 2021, and also we give details/guidance so that you can crack TESCO Interview.


Tesco Interview Question 2021,Tesco Interview Experience


Below, we share an overall Interview Experience shared by some NIT/IIT students. Before going for any Interview, you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here we give you a brief about the company, and  you can Visit TESCO careers page for more details.

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About Tesco

Tesco plc, trading as Tesco, is a British multinational groceries and general merchandise retailer headquartered in Welwyn Garden City, England. It is the third-largest retailer in the world measured by gross revenues and the ninth-largest in the world measured by revenues.

FounderJack Cohen


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EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 1                                        TESCO INTERVIEW QUESTION

BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE: Associate Software Developer

Tesco New Interview Question 2021/ Tesco Interview Experience

1. Coding Round fo TESCO: The test was conducted on Hackerrank. There were two questions. Each had around 10-14 test cases.

2. Technical Interview of TESCO: The interviewer asked me questions based on my resume in detail. Questions like why this technology and why not some other, why is the technology I used better than some other technology, how I can improve the methodology implemented, and questions on work done during my internship were asked. He also asked several OS and network security related questions and one or two DSA questions. Puzzles were also asked. This round was to test the candidates’ problem-solving skills, basics of OS, networks, etc.

3. Design Round of TESCO: I was asked to state an existing problem and design a solution for it. The approach along with the structure of the design, scalability, security, design practices, etc. was tested. This round requires quick thinking and good problem-solving skills

4. HR round of TESCO: It was a typical HR round. The first few questions are common to all HR rounds like tell me about your self, strengths, etc. Questions like why Tesco, why engineering, why information technology. Make sure you attend the pre-placement talk to answer questions related to the company better.

How to ace a Tesco Interview 2021  for IT Students?

1. Practice coding on interviewbit.

2. Go through the “step-by-step placement preparation” article on geeksforgeeks. It has covered almost everything you need to be prepared with for any company’s placement.

3. Be thorough with basic concepts related to OS, networks, DSA, DBMS.

4. Familiarize yourself with the coding platform.Be thorough with everything that you’ve put on your resume. Most of the companies don’t tend to read your co-curricular and extra-curricular achievements. “Tell me about yourself” is your chance to let them know about your leadership skills and your participation in coding contests, hackathons, etc. to give you an edge over the other candidates. The company stresses a lot on network security and system design more than anything else. Make sure you are prepared for it. Attending the pre-placement talk is a must. I was asked a few questions by the senior manager related to what he had discussed during the talk.


EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 2                        Tesco interview experience

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Associate Software Developer

Tesco Interview Question 2021/ Tesco Interview Experience

The campus placement procedure for Tesco Technology comprised of 4 rounds.

Round 1 : The Coding Round of TESCO. In this round, 2 coding questions were asked to be solved on Hackerrank platform in 1.5 hours, which were of easy to moderate difficulty level. Around 40 students were shortlisted for next round.

Round 2 : The Technical Interview – 1. This was a one to one round in which questions were asked from DSA, Software Engineeeing, Operating System, OOPS and System Design. This round also consisted of a walk through the Resume explaining our internships and achievements. This was followed by another Technical Round.

Round 3 : The Technical Interview – 2. This round was more or less similar to the previous round. More questions on designing and DSA were asked. This round also focused on one to one discussion on topics like cloud computing, web technologies and security. This was followed by an HR Interview.

Round 4 : The HR Interview : This round consisted of a very casual conversation about our likes, hobbies, achievements, family and educational background.

How to ace a Tesco Interview 2021  for CSE  Students?

For coding practice,  solve questions on interviewbit and geeksforgeeks. For subjects like OS, DSA and OOPS, I did online tutorials from udacity, mycodeschool and tutorialspoint. For strengthening the concepts, I also practiced the Geek Quiz and Quizzes on Placement Adda(placementstudy.com). This website consists of a beautiful collection of mcqs and coding problems, primarily focusing on placement.

Do very well analysis of your resume and the projects you have done. Projects are asked in detail about technologies used, the approach and little bit implementation details too. Also, while answering a system design question, make sure that you cover every aspect of the problem.

EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 3                          tesco bangalore interview question

BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE: Graduate Software Engineer

Tesco  Interview Question 2021/ Tesco Interview Experience

1st Round -:
It was an online coding round held on hacker rank platform. There were two coding questions.Both were easy-medium level.I solved one full questions and the second question partially.Around 28 people were shortlisted.
2nd Round -:
It was a face to face technical interview where the interviewer asked 4 to 5 questions on data structures and problem solving, the questions were just to see my approach towards the problems

He asked me to write a syntactically correct code in any language i prefer for one of the problems. He also asked questions on the technology (PySpark) which i used during my internship.
Many People had 2 rounds of technical interview.I got lucky as I had just one technical interview and was sent for the HR round.
3rd Round -:
It was a HR round.The HR round was just a typical one.Where the Interviewer asked me to tell about my journey till now.She also asked about some of the posts i mentioned in my resume and asked me to explain how i got the post.

She also asked why Tesco ? How can you guarantee your stability in Tesco ? It was a normal conversation and the HR was quiet friendly.
Everything went in my favour that day. Finally 5 students were selected.

How to ace Tesco Interview 2021  for IT Students?

Practised good questions from geeks for geeks and had my basics clear. Did some good projects and had a good understanding of the technology i used.

Mercedes-TESCO INTERVIEW QUESTIONR & D Interview Question 2021



BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Graduate Software Engineer

Tesco  Interview Question 2021/ Tesco Interview Experience

1st round:- Online coding round with 2 questions on hackerrank platform.(i did 1.5 out of 2 ) and around 30 were shortlisted.

2nd round:- F2F technical interview , the interviewer asked me to write code for 3 problems based on array and strings (last around 1 hr 15 minutes).

3rd round:- In this round, i was asked about my projects , He gave me some real life problems to see my approch then he asked me to design irctc .(lasts approx 45 minutes).

4th round:- Hr round.

How to ace a Tesco  Interview 2021  for IT Students?

Revise gate notes( OS,CN,DBMS ,data structures). practice coding on hackerrank ,geekforgeeks and interviewbit. (try to practice by writing code on paper it will help to clear technical rounds). Also go through the puzzles from geeksforgeeks.



BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering                              Tesco coding ,c++,java question

JOB PROFILE: Software Developer

Tesco  Interview Question 2021/ Tesco Interview Experience

Round 1 : Online test It consisted of 2 coding questions in Hackerrank platform.

Round 2 : Technical Interview A lot of questions from resume was asked especially since I had ML and IoT projects. Questions from DSP was also asked.

A coding question based on 2D arrays was asked. I explained my approach and the interviewer asked me to write code for the same. Towards the end for around 15 minutes, there was discussion regarding the technologies used in industries. We discussed about AWS, GCP and ML models and their applications.

Round 3 : HR Round HR round was chill. I was asked to explain about myself, my future plans, why Tesco , my strengths and weaknesses etc.

How do I ace a Tesco interview?

Resume : I prepared my resume thoroughly. Only projects I was confident about was included in the resume. DSA, OOPS and Problem Solving : GeeksforGeeks and mycodeschool(YouTube channel)


Tesco Interview Question 2021,Tesco Interview Experience

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  1. What are the Different scheduling Algorithms.
  2. How do you assign priority values to a process i.e. which process has higher priority and low priority
  3. Multi-core vs multi-threading. At max how many threads can you create in a process
  4. What is dead lock? How will you handle deadlocks(Bankers algorithm, Resource allocation graph)
  5. what are Semaphores?



  1. Difference between HTTP vs HTTPS
  2. What is File Transfer Protocol?
  3. Difference between TCP vs UDP
  4. What does transport layer do? What is Congestion control and flow control?
  5. Which protocol is used for sending mail?


well fargo coding questions


  1. Write a program to find whether a given linked list is a palindrome or not? (In one traversal only). I was asked to write the entire program (in online compiler) and the interviewer checked the code against various edge cases.
  2. https://practice.geeksforgeeks.org/problems/knight-walk/0/?ref=self
  3. We need to design a special stack that supports the following operations.
    1. push a (push a onto the stack)
    2. pop
    3. inc a b  (increment last b elements of a stack by a)

    After each operation we need to print top of a stack. If stack is empty print “EMPTY”

  4. Given a string, find the longest subseqence of chars from string that conntains all vowels may be repeated but in a e i o u order
    Input : aaejkioou
    Output : 7
  5. Given a string, e. g., abababaa it can have many suffixes including whole string. Return sum of max common prefix length of given string with all its suffixes

    Input :  ababaaa
    Output : 13
  6. Perfect sums is the sum of two or more number of elements of arrays whose sum is equal to a given number. Return 999 if not found.
    Input : arr[] = {2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10}
    input = 10;
    Output : 2
    5+2+3 = 10
    2+8 = 10
    So, the output is 2;


  1. Tell me about your self
  2. How will you choose your team members for a project? How will you handle if your team members are not working properly?
  3. Let’s say you need to complete your project by night. You and all your team mates are stuck up and unable to proceed further and all your friends are busy in their own works. Now how will you handle this situation?

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Above is the Tesco interview experience discussed by the students, those who are selected by Tesco . Hope this gives an overall details and help you prepare for your next Interview.If you love this content do follow our INTERVIEW QUESTION 2021 section for more update.

Tesco Interview What to Wear?

  • For managerial and software developer role  dress formally.
  • And Tesco Customer Assistant Interview or applying for any other entry level position, then business casual will be good.

How long do Tesco interviews last?

For any campus Interview, the Interview can be long as 1hours, and sometimes it can be  30 mins but not less than that (depending on the panel).



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