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Here in this post, we discuss the overall PayPal Interview Questions . Here in this post we cover PayPal  Interview Experience, PayPal coding questions and PayPal Frequently  asked Interview Questions 2024, and also we give details/guidance so that you can crack PayPal Interview.

Below, we share an overall Interview Experience shared by some of the NIT/IIT students. Before going for any Interview, you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here we give you a brief about the company, and  you can Visit PayPal  careers page for more details.



At PayPal, we believe that now is the time to democratize financial services so that moving and managing money is a right for all citizens, not just the affluent. We are driven by this purpose, and we uphold our cultural values of collaboration, innovation, wellness and inclusion as our guide for making decisions and conducting business every day. It is our duty and privilege to be customer champions and put those we serve at the center of everything we do.

PayPal is headquartered in San Jose, California and its international headquarters is located in Singapore. More information about the company can be found at





EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 1 paypal coding questions

BRANCH: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Software Engineer

Paypal Interview Question  / Paypal Interview Experience 

PayPal Recruitment process contains 4 rounds .

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview First round
  3. Technical Interview second round
  4. Managerial/HR round

Online Test of PayPal : This round was done on hackerrank, consisted of two question, 14 test cases each. Nearly 40 people got both the questions but only 13 were shortlisted based on cgpa, so it is important to have a good cgpa.

PayPal Coding Questions:Linking the two questions – “” & “

First Round  of Paypal Interview : I was asked about 3-4 easy DSA questions from BST, arrays, Maths, Linked List and had to code few of them. Later she proceeded to ask OOPs questions and examples on its implementation. Since I was from EEE she didn’t ask OS or Networking but my friends from CS/IT did get asked. The whole interview was about 1 hour.

Second Round of PayPal Interview : About 8 people got shortlisted from First round. I was asked 2 DSA question, easy- medium diffculty,

one was kandane algorithm, another one was a 2 pointer question. (both are really famous questions). I initially had to explain my algorithm with examples, He was happy with my solutions so I was asked to code them.

Later he asked me if this was my first interview for placements, I told no, and he asked me which company. He asked me what went wrong, I said I went to the last round and it went really well and still didn’t get selected. he started to consolidate me( which was pretty nice of himXD)

. Later I was asked about internship, I did get a hardware internship but it got cancelled, so he asked me why I’m switching my stream. He told me to explain one of my projects( I had done ML and embedded projects ). I explained one of my projects in great detail. He seemed impressed. This was 1 hour interview

Last Round/ HM Round of PayPal: 4 got shortlisted for this round. Managerial Round is similar to HR round, but they ask few Technical questions too. Interviewer seemed pretty chill guy, so i managed to crack a lame joke on my introduction ( he laughed xP), if you are thinking to do this, it really depends on the interviewer so do be careful.

We had casual talk. Later he asked me why I’m trying for software companies rather than hardware. He told me to explain about merge sort and code it, I explained what happens in that, what is the best/aver/the worst case, and code it. Later I was asked to explain one of my projects I explained one of my projects, explained it in great detail I also made a pun while explaining, he caught it and similedxD. He was really happy, ending it on a good note. Later I asked a few questions. At the end of all this he said “hope to meet you soon”(xD).

EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 2              Paypal interview Questions

BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE: Software Engineer

Paypal Interview Question  / Paypal Interview Experience 

1st round: 2 coding questions on hackerrank platform

paypal coding interview question a) Count Vowels Permutation, b)Check if any permutation of a large number is divisible by 8 . I solved both the questions and after this test 13 got selected for next round

Interview rounds: ( what matters is how you communicate with interviewer and explanation of the code)

2nd round (Technical): Interviewer started by asking to tell me about yourself and then my Internship work and my current projects. After this interviewer moved on to coding interview questions of paypal which included:

a) Given a binary tree and a number, return true if the tree has a root-to-leaf path such that adding up all the values along the path equals the given number. Return false if no such path can be found.

b) just modification of the before problem i.e., print all such paths if exists and if not present then return empty.

c) Print the middle element in the Singly linked list in single traversal only.

d) check whether a loop exists in the singly linked list.

OOPS PAYPAL INTERVIEW QUESTIONS e) OOPs concept i.e., he asked to implement HashMap in java with interface class as Map and implement a method for hashCode. I answered all the questions and the time duration was 1 hour. After this round 8 got selected for next round.

3rd round(Technical): a) The question was that given N words (with length take it as constant i.e., not that much large length ) preprocess it by applying data structure and store it. And then Q queries will be given by the user at runtime and Q queries is that to find the occurrence of the given char in that N-words.

b) Just modification of the before problem i.e., Output number of occurrences given alphabet and word length (eg: {‘a’,4}) and here word length can vary from 1..L. For both a and b questions discuss the time complexity and space complexity at preprocessing as well as at runtime.

c) Given a set of non-negative integers, and a value sum, determine if there is a subset of the given set with a sum equal to a given sum. The time duration of 1 hour. I answered all of the questions. For the next round, 5 got selected.

4th round (Hiring Manager ROUND OF PAYPAL ): Interviewer asked me about my Internship work and my resume. In the technical part, he asked me about HashMap vs HashTable, Load balancing, Horizontal and vertical scaling.

In my resume he asked me about my project and since it was full virtual I asked interviewer that can I demonstrate my project in my laptop and it was based on Web+machine learning and the interviewer was really impressed by my work. Time duration 45min.
At last, company selected 4 candidates.






Paypal  Software Engineer INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE

Technical Round 1:

  • Basic- Tell me about yourself
  • Project discussion
  • Question 1: Given a string x, return the “reversed” string where all characters that are not a letter stay in the same place, and all letters reverse their positions.
    Sample 1:
    Input: s = “ab-cd”
    Output: “dc-ba”
    Sample 2:
    Input: s = “a-bC-dEf-ghIj”
    Output: “j-Ih-gfE-dCba”
  • Question 2: Sort List (LC 148)
  • Some technical questions related to my domain. DBMS and Scheduling questions.


HR round 1:


  • Coding question: Implement a circular doubly linked list with insert, delete and search operations.
  • Detailed discussion on project.
  • Questions related to Client Server Model, OSI, TCP IP, Rest API, SOAP API and a lot more.
  • HR questions like why paypal, where do you see yourself in 5 years, why should I hire you and what makes you different from the rest.


Technical Round 2:


  • Question 1: String based question. Later the interviewer asked me to solve it without using any python libraries.
  • He asked me what is my favourite data structure. I said each one gives me a hard time. :’( Chose to say graph.
  • So he asked me to solve 863. All Nodes Distance K in Binary Tree
  • Few questions related to trie.


HR round 2:


  • Detailed discussion on project and questions related to the technologies that I’ve used.
  • Technical questions.




How do I prepare for a PayPal interview?

Start practising cp on interviewbit(it is really good, moduled topics and at least 4 questions in each subtopic). After doing most problems in that, I started doing from gfg (link – “”). After doing gfg I did oops concept and implementation from YouTube. Also do read this book-“Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell”. Tells you how to prepare for interview.


Please read about Paypal(in matter of fact for any company), what pieces of software they use, try to relate them to your projects, how it works etc. If your interview is online, use a sketchpad to visually show your thought process.

Think out loud, tell them your approach, doesn’t matter if its brute force(but don’t just give up after telling brute force method cuz in the end, they want you to give the best algorithm). Paypal Usually don’t ask puzzles,(from all the interview review i have seen) but I would suggest you to do them too ( do all puzzles from gfg thats enough).

How Non-CS Branch can prepare for PAYPAL INTERVIEW?

For non CS/IT branch, I honestly think you have a better chance of getting placed, since you don’t need to learn OS/Networking/DBMS, you are literally getting a free pass. if you are really good in DSA and cp interviewer might just skip those questions. So you can put all your time and effort on DSA,OOPs, cp.

But if time permits do DBMS and then OS. plus I can’t stress this enough, communication is REALLY important. Luck plays an important role too, even if your interview goes really well, they might not select you(experienced it) maybe because HR didn’t “click” with you or maybe even because of your branch. Keep a backup too, whether it is MS, MBA or even off campus. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


PayPal Coding Questions

PayPal Coding Interview Questions

  2. Given an array consisting of numbers in the form of string. For each number, find if any of its permutation is divisible by 8.
  5. Given numbers in array, find all pairs whose sum is a multiple of 60.
  6. Build Office :
  7. These are ss for above problems to understand in detail
  8. Huffman decoding : Given vector of strings of form “a  100101” and a encoded string of form “101110111110001”. Decode the encoded string.
  9. Find the element that occurs more than once (
  10. Find all elements that appear more than n/k times in an array.(
  11. 1.Given array representing parents of each node in the undirected tree such that i the element represents parent[i] and a seperate array denoting value in the nodes.Find longest path sum in the tree.(n <= 10^5, -1000 <= A[i] <= 1000).

  12. Interest sharing problem. Find maximal product of nodes in the group sharing maximum number of interests.

  13.  A shopkeeper has to given serve certain number of requirements of the customer. A customer will be satisfied if he gets at least the amount he ordered. Given m flasks from which only one can be used to measure the quantity and serve the customers. Given order quantity array and different markings of different flask. Find the index flask with which loss of shopkeeper is minimum.

    eg : Order – [4 6] , flask 1 = [5 10] , flask2 = [5 7]…Loss1 = 5 – 4 + 10 – 6 = 5 , loss2 = 5 – 4 + 7 – 6 = 2.So flask 2 is best option.

    Constraints(n <= 10^5 , m < 10^3 , number of all markings for all flask < 10^4).





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Are PayPal interviews tough?

The Interview Process at PayPal and not that tough you can say moderately tough you can crack it easily if you are good in DSA and COMPUTERE SCIENCE CORE SUBJEST LIKE OS ,DMBS ,CN and some time software Engineering.Some the topics you can prepare are:

Check link for important topic for any CSE INTEVIEW: TAP HERE

How many rounds are there in PayPal?

PayPal mainly consists 4 rounds:

  1. Online Test
  2. Technical Interview First round
  3. Technical Interview second round
  4. Managerial/HR round

Is PayPal a good company to work for?

It is one of the best company to work for.The company focuses on building a good relationship with the employees and provides best benefits to the employees.

Is PayPal product based company?

Paypal is a Product based company ,make your life easier for transferring money





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Above we have discussed Paypal Interview Question,Paypal Interview experience discussed by the students, Paypal coding questions . Hope this gives an overall details and help you prepare for your next Paypal  Interview.If you love this content do follow our INTERVIEW QUESTION 2021 section for more updates.

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