ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021

Here in this post we discuss the overall  ZS Associates India Interview Experience  . Here in this post we cover ZS Associates India Interview Experience,ZS Associates India Frequently asked Interview Question 2021, and also we give details/guidance so that you can crack ZS Associates India Interview .

Below, we share an overall Interview Experience shared by some NIT/IIT students. Before going for any Interview you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here we give you a brief about the company, and  you can Visit ZS Associates India careers page for more details.


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ZS is a professional services firm that works side by side with companies to help develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results. We leverage our deep industry expertise, leading-edge analytics, technology and strategy to create solutions that work in the real world. With more than 35 years of experience and 9,000-plus ZSers in more than 25 offices worldwide, we are passionately committed to helping companies and their customers thrive.



EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 1                    ZS Associates interview question

BRANCH: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Decision Analytics Associate


ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021/ ZS Associates Interview Questions

1st Round had 3 parts: 1. Aptitude Test: Simple quant, logical reasoning and data interpretation questions 2. Case study-based MCQs 3. One-sided interview, question would be displayed on the screen, you have 10s to think of an answer and 3 minutes to spell it out. It included behavioural and HR type questions (Some had guesstimates too)

2nd Round: Case study It had 2 parts again, first an hour-long session where you have to solve the case study, and upload your answers written on sheets and then a Zoom interview based on the same where you’ll have to explain your approach. I was asked about my projects too in this interview. The case study itself was pretty straightforward, though you may not have enough time to solve it completely, so make sure you go through all the questions and answer them in an order comfortable to you to maximize your performance.

3rd Round: EBI + Fit This interview mainly consisted of behavioural questions, a few puzzles and guesstimates as well. This was on Zoom as well.

HOW to crack ZS Associates Interview?

The company focusses mainly on aptitude and problem-solving skills, so just brush up on those type of questions. If possible, practice a few guesstimates and case studies as well.



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BRANCH: Electrical and Electronics Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Decision Analytics Associate


ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021/ ZS Associates Interview Questions 

There are two phases:

Phase 1: This has 3 rounds consecutively, first round is aptitude + simple English, about 42 questions in 30 minutes. It’s not very hard, simple maths and logical questions. If you clear this, you are automatically taken to the next round, which is a business case study. 8-10 questions are there, all MCQ’s. All the explanation is given, and situations are given, based on which you have to analyse and select the right option. If you clear this, you go to the next round immediately, where you need to speak and your video and audio is recorded. Questions show up on the computer, and you have 3 minutes to speak your answer, which gets submitted to them..no interaction here. Questions asked were how do you manage when there’s too much paperwork, mention any challenging situation you came across, how do you choose the right team for your project, etc. After a few days…the shortlist comes out for phase 2.

Phase 2: This has two rounds, a case study and an interview. The business case study is one hour, where you are given statistics of a company or their product’s market share, sales representative’s performance levels, competitors price and their product, and you are asked questions based on that. Lot of quantitative analysis to do, basically maths. One question had qualitative analysis as well, where you had to rate the sales reps based on their performance. You need to work out on paper and upload PDF. Later you will have a meeting with ZS people for case debriefing. You need to explain your answers and approach. If this goes well, you’re selected for a final interview by a senior ZS manager. They ask you puzzles and guesstimates, you resume based questions and general HR questions. I was asked to guesstimate Dominos chain profit in one day in Bangalore and volume of paint needed to paint a 10*12 wall. This was the last round.

How to crack ZS Associates Interview ?

Have a strong management resume. My SOM courses did help me during interviews. Be confident and ready to explain about everything in your resume. Recall all events where you solved some conflict or overcomes a challenge. Your approach to Guesstimates and puzzles matters, so YouTube more of that and have a general idea about it.



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BRANCH: Mechanical Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Decision Analytics Associate


ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021/ ZS Associates Interview Questions 

Phase 1 1. Basic aptitude and English (42 questions in 42 minutes)questions were basic including logical, quant, data interpretation, practice sample papers to manage time, English was easy hardly takes 3-5 mins for 12 questions. 2. Small Case was given and situation-based questions were asked which can be answered by interpreting data from the passage, see that your solution out of the options should be feasible considering the data given. I had a case of a dominant player in the mining industry which was going to face the threat of new entrants due to the change in Govt regulations. 8 questions and around 30 minutes, which is sufficient time. 3. Video Round this is the one that actually differentiates candidates, have answers to general questions like strengths, weakness, the most risk you have taken, a guesstimate, way you solved a problem in a team, etc. 10 seconds to read question and frame answer(I had lengthy questions which I couldn’t even completely read, but they were all the same HR questions asked indirectly) don’t panic or stay dumb, just speak out something that is relevant in case you don’t know what to answer.

Phase 2(for the candidates who cleared phase 1 around 40 including both profiles) 1. Case Solving – 1 hour time was given, and we had to answer 4 questions related to the case on sheet of paper and upload that, try to attempt all the questions, at least mention your approach if you don’t have time to calculate the answers, the approach is important than the answer. 2. Case discussion – Explaining your approach to the questions and a guesstimate or puzzles can be asked here. 3. Fit Round – Discussion with a manager, resume, guesstimate, puzzles and HR questions were covered.

How to crack ZS Associates Interview ?

Communication is the key, for video rounds and interviews it’s all about how you try to present and portray yourself. Make sure you drive the interview in the right direction towards your strengths.



ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021

BRANCH: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Decision Analytics Associate


ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021/ ZS Associates Interview Questions

ZS has a very elaborate process overall. The first phase consisted of a test consisting of 3 parts in total. The first part was a mixture of quantitative and verbal questions.

The questions are usually easy in nature, just need to avoid silly mistakes. The second part was the problem-solving deep dive: a short case study. It is important to actively think for answers based on your knowledge of the topic, as questions could be based beyond the given case. The third part is a bunch of situational questions which are video recorded. It is extremely important to be confident about your answers and take most of the available time to answer the question in detail. On clearing the first phase, the selected candidates move to the interview phase.

It starts with a detailed case study which needs to be solved and uploaded within an hour. For DAA, the case had 4 questions with sub-question and was quite quantitative in nature. Quick calculations and out of the box thinking is necessary to boost your chances. The case interview involves answering each question and explaining your solution in detail. The interviewer might ask you to justify your approach or question about not using another method, it is crucial to confidently justify your approach and accept any shortcomings(if any) in your approach and optimize your solution further.

As my case was discussed quickly, the interviewer quickly moved on to guesstimates and puzzles. The interviewer gladly answered my doubts regarding the questions and constantly asked me about my thought process behind the solutions. An hour after the conclusion of this interview, I received the link for the next one.

I heard from my batch mates that the “Fit Round” is sort of relaxed, but had a completely opposite experience. The interviewer started with asking me about my profile, but quickly moved on to situational questions, like asking me about my approach towards a hypothetical conflict with a colleague in the workplace. The interviewer constantly rejected my answers and cross-questioned me, expecting a better solution. Further questions also touched upon impact generated in previous internships, marketing strategies for different products and general HR questions. Looking back, the interview was more about how one can answer under pressure, and it was really important to stay calm, composed and confident while answering.


How to crack ZS Associates Interview ?

Mostly used Indiabix and a bit of CAT material to prepare for aptitude and verbal tests. Further, practised a few past cases provided by ZS(Could be easily found online), gone through a few guesstimate problems on youtube and solved puzzles on GFG. I had prepared a detailed set of descriptions for each part of my resume (Internships/projects/extracurricular activities) and constantly revised it before the interviews. I had also gone through the “Cracking the PM Interview” and “Victor Cheng Case Interview Core Frameworks” for HR and case-based questions respectively. I would strongly recommend going through chapters 11,12 and 13 of Cracking the PM Interview. Found it to be extremely helpful during the interviews personally.



zs interview questions

BRANCH: Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

JOB PROFILE: Business Operations Associate


ZS Associates Interview Experience 2021/ ZS Associates Interview Questions

ZS’ placement procedure for BOA and DAA is a very elaborate process, each stage filtering out more and more candidates.

Their procedure is split into two phases – Phase 1 Round 1 – A simple aptitude test with a mix of both quantitative and verbal aptitude. As simple as it is, it’s a lengthy test, so time management is key. I’d suggest finishing the verbal bit as quickly as possible, those questions usually appear together, one after the other. On the portal you have the option of navigating between questions, or at least we did, so don’t waste time on questions you’re struggling with, you can come back to them later.

Round 2 – A “problem solving deep dive”. In this round they present short case studies and provide data that you need to interpret to solve a set of questions.

Round 3 – This is a set of HR type situational questions that you need to answer in 3 mins, like a typical interview. It’s video recorded and there is a timer set on each question. Be very concise and confident when you answer, go through interviews on such questions on youtube just to get a feel for the same, and speak loudly and clearly. Most people proceed till round 3 of phase 1, and after phase 1 is complete they shortlist a set of selected candidates for phase 2.

Phase 2 Case round – Phase 2 begins with what is essentially a case interview, but what made it different from a typical case interview is that we had about 1 hour to solve the case, scan and upload our answers along with our resume. This will be followed by an interview where you will be asked to present your solutions and walk the interviewer through your approach. ZS’ cases are usually a mix of both objective, quant type questions, and subjective, open-ended questions. The objective quant type question will usually be the lengthiest and will pop up first in the case.

It’s extremely important that you manage your time wisely and you figure out the right approach to solve the question before writing anything. I wasn’t able to finish the case, I attempted about 2 out of 3 questions, but I had answers ready at the back of my mind for the questions I didn’t get time to solve. Everyone’s interview experience was different. Luckily for me, she wasn’t very concerned with what I wrote on my sheet, and she asked me to explain how I’d solve each question. She was really calm, and like most ZS interviewers, she’d suggest quicker, more accurate and faster ways to approach the case. It’s really important to understand these suggestions they make and be as receptive as possible.

For some of my friends, the interview stopped when they weren’t able to figure out the right approach to a question, despite suggestions from the interviewer. At the end of the interview she asked me to walk her through my resume. The final round is an HR- Fit Interview. This round again, varies from interviewer to interviewer. I was lucky to be interviewed by an NITK Mech. dept. alumnus. His questions revolved around my internships and the kind of contributions I made in my internships, followed by a problem he asked me to solve (a problem similar to the one I solved in my case round).

How to crack ZS Associates Interview ?

1. Keep your calm. Don’t panic if you don’t get an answer, just hope that your approach or answer is correct and move on. For case questions, your interviewers will give you time to give those questions another shot, and if you get them wrong, they’ll even drop hints to nudge you in the right direction. Listen to their suggestions and make sure to change your approach accordingly.

2. Again, time management is key. This applies to every round. When you are answering HR questions, don’t ramble on, be concise and to the point with your answers. When you’re solving a question, don’t blindly dive in to the question, you”ll waste time, figure out the right approach to the question first. Don’t spend more than 1-2 minutes walking the interviewer through your resume.

3. After the case round, even if you don’t get the time to write all your answers, have answers ready in your head for the questions you couldn’t attempt.

4. Be sure you want this. Tell your interviewers not only what impact the job has on your career, but what kind of skills you bring to the table as well.

ZS (DSA – Data Science Associate) Interview rounds

Platform : Hackerearth

Total : 90 mins

2 sections – 33 MCQs (based mostly on Data Science – ML, DL, statistics; some on C, C++, data structures) + 1 Coding Question (very easy)

Coding Question Asked:

You are given an array A of K integers where Ai denotes page number of a book. To compute the score, you can either add or multiply the last digit of the page numbers.
You have to find the maximum score you can get. Since the score can be quite large, output the score modulo 1000000007

Note: The book contains N pages. Also, you need to follow the order in which the page numbers are given in the array. Initially, your score is 0

Above we discussed ZS Interview Experince  and ZS Interview Questions.Hope this give a overall idea of ZS Recruitment Process.If you liked it do check your Interview Question Sections for more Interview Questions of Differnt Product and Sercive based company.

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