Must read NXP Interview Questions,NXP Interview Experience

Here in this posts we cover NXP Interview QuestionsNXP  Interview Experience ,NXP Semiconductors Internship and software engineer Interview Questions and guide to  CRACK NXP Semiconductors Interview .

Below we share overall Interview Experience shared by some of the NIT/IIT students.Before going for any Interview you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here you give a brief about the company you can visit NXP  careers page for more details

Must read NXP Interview Questions,NXP Interview Experience

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NXP INTERVIEW QUESTIONSNXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables secure connections for a smarter world, advancing solutions that make lives easier, better, and safer. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets. Built on more than 60 years of combined experience and expertise, the company has approximately 30,000 employees in more than 30 countries and posted revenue of $8.88 billion in 2019.


NXP frequently asked question

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer

JOB LOCATION : Not Disclosed

NXP Semiconductors Interview Questions / NXP Semiconductors Interview Experience 

NXP semiconductors first shortlisted the candidates based on there resume. company shortlisted near about 40 students for each software and hardware profile.

Fist round  of NXP was online test which was of 90 minutes and consist of mcq and 3 coding questions. the test of was on the talent decrypt platform and it was fully proctored. Near about 40 mcq questions were asked from aptitude, os, dbms, digital electronic, computer organization, c, c++, algo and ds. among the 3 coding question 1 was simple, one was moderate and 1 was hard. i was able to complete 2 coding question. based on online test company shortlisted 9 students for software profile.

NXP had only one technical interview of 90 minutes. for each candidate the interview was taken by a panel of 3 member. interview started with my introduction and then panel discussed my projects . they also did some basic cross questioning on my projects. after project they asked me to rate myself in python,c and c++. since i rated myself more in c++ , they started asking questions on c++ for example virtual destructor, what is the size of objects of empty class , discussion on different data segments of memory in c.

Difference between heap memory segment and static memory segment. memory leak was also asked and how i would control it. they also asked how i can implement garbage collector facility in c++ as it is provided in java, just a logic. they asked me how i would handle infinite loop in program ie if a program contains a infinite loop then it should not fall in infinite loop, i should be able to halt my machine. after c,c++ the panel jumped into OS.

OS Interview questions NXP They asked me what is difference between program and threads. why we use threads. how can we control race conditions and data inconsistency. how threads communicate between each other. does actually parallel processing happens in multicore processors or we just gets a notion that processes are working parallely.some questions on semaphore and locks. after OS sections they asked me which i would give more importance to , project development(writing code) or testing while working on real time project.

And finally the asked to write one program and explain it. programof NXP : given a number n , a bool direction(can be right or left) and a number k , i have to rotate the bits of number by k in given direction and have to return a modified number. i completed the code and explained it to panel ,they approved my logic and asked me to optimize it and then i explained them the optimized solution.

After technical round ,a HR telephonic interview of  NXP happened. they asked about my family background , myself and asked me to explain my major project. they asked me what u know about NXP semiconductors, who are the competitors of NXP semiconductors. and finally asked whether I am ready to reallocate or not. Finally company selected 4 candidates for software profile.


For NXP semiconductors you should be good with c,c++ and in subjects OS and computer organization. practise the coding as much as you can since it is asked in most of the company online paper. My panel didnt asked about computer organization but i heard from my classmates that other panel questioned them on computer organization.


Nxp interview experience

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer

JOB LOCATION : Anyone from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida

NXP Interview Questions /  NXP Semiconductors Interview Experience 

Round 1 of NXP INTERVIEW: Online Test Total Time : 90 Min 30 Technical + Aptitude MCQ’s with Negative Marking : 1-2 Aptitude, 8-10 C based output, 7-8 OS based, 7-8 Computer organization, 3-4 Hardware based like embedded etc. All were of Easy to Moderate level 3 Coding Questions: 1 Easy 1 Medium 1 Hard I solved 19-20 MCQ with near about 100% accuracy. In Coding section I solved 1 complete and 1 with partial with 6/10 Test cases passed.

Round 2 of NXP INTERVIEW : Only One Technical Round Time: 2 hours There were 3 panelist who were taking my interview. They asked me my favourite subject and I answered OS.

NXP OS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Starting from basic concepts they went deep inside the concepts like Kernel, I/O Drivers, Process Synchronization,Semaphores, Mutex, Static & Dynamic Libraries, Linking, Loading, Process, It’s States, Threads,Memory Management etc. Then they asked me questions on the combination of OS and Computer Architecture and some application based questions.

NXP COMPUTER ORGANIZATION INTERVIEW QUESTION They asked me about Interrupts, ISR, Interrupts execution, How Mutual exclusion is maintained in the case of Interrupts while accessing Shared resources, DMA, Cache Memory, Register vs Cache vs Main memory vs Secondary storage, Motherboard Concepts, Some Deadlock based situation based questions.

NXP COMPUTER NETWORKS  INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Then asked Some Networking Concepts, Network Security questions on DES, AES, SHA-256, Ciphers because of I was from Information Security background and a Project on Blockchain Technology. They also asked me about SDLC. Then Programming question on Bit manipulation followed by modifications to the question. 1 puzzle ,

NXP DEEP LEARNING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS As I also had mentioned Deep learning on my Resume they asked some pure mathematical concepts like Gradient Descent, Cost function, Activation functions, types and Which one to use when?, Optimisers, CNN vs ANN etc. At last they asked me about the Projects. Although I had not revised Computer architecture, SDLC, Deep learning concepts etc. I was able to answer the approach they were expecting to the questions.

Round 3 : HR Round of 15-20 Min Questions on Family background, NXP culture, Location etc.


DO Must Do Coding Questions form GFG, Interview Preparation Ravindrababu ravula videos, OS and CN are Important subjects for any interview, I revised the same from Ravindrababu Ravula’s GATE videos. If you have time, You can prepare DBMS thoroughly otherwise SQL,Normalization, Indexing, E-R would be enough. Prepare your Resume wisely and properly.

Interviewers can ask you the questions on OS, Computer organization. Just be strong with your basics whatever they will ask you will be able to approach towards it for sure. Interviewers were very supportive and they were also taking part in my approaches to the problem like a discussion.

EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 3                                                NXP software engineer question

BRANCH: Electronics and Communication Engineering

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer

JOB LOCATION : Anyone from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida

NXP Semiconductors Interview Questions /  NXP Semiconductors Interview Experience 

1st Round was a 90 min online test with 30 mcqs on topics OS , Computer Architecture , C programming and some aptitude questions , and there were 3 coding questions of increasing difficulty. 2nd round was a 90 minutes long technical interview done over MS teams with a panel of three interviewers. Most questions were from OS and Computer Architecture. They asked me questions on topics like RTOS (important) , semaphores, caching, MMU, virtual memory, TLB , RISC vs CISC , interprocess communication. Then they asked me to code some simple C programms on online gdb. Then some questions on basic python. In the end i was asked some simple logical questions and also about SDLC. 3rd round was a 30 minutes long HR interview , where i was asked questions about my interests , my way of prepping for placements season , why I was interested in NXP , why I didn’t want to pursue higher studies rightaway…etc.


I studied C , C++, OS from GeeksforGeeks and Youtube and used interviewbit ,gfg for coding practice. I had taken some subjects related to embedded systems like microprocessors , Computer Architecture , I referred to the Notes and video lectures from my lecturer also helped. For aptitude practiced questions from Indiabix .For software profile of NXP , be thorough with OS , Comp. Arch. & Embedded systems

EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 4                                        nxp semiconductors interview questions

BRANCH: Information Technology

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer

JOB LOCATION : Anyone from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida

NXP Semiconductors Interview Questions /  NXP Semiconductors Interview Experience 


Round 1 OF NXP: Online Test Total Time: 90 Min (30 Technical + 3 Coding).

Round 2: Three projects explanation one by one followed by questions and answers.

CS Subject Question for NXP interview : Tell me about your favourite subject? Os, CN, DBMS

Q1.Diff between TCP/UDP? Random initial sequence number?

Q2.When we type something on the browser what happens?

Q3.What is the name of that gateway form where we can get the ip address of that website?

Q4.How does the router decide path if we have two or more outgoing link?

Q5.Mutex and spinlock? Diff between spinlock and mutex? Go back n?

Q6.If we lost one packet what happens?

Coding question in nxp interview section:

Reverse string? I did in CPP Reverse without a library or in c?

Reverse Without extra space?

Reverse words of a string? Revere without stack?

Make stack using link list? Flip odd bit of a number?

Flip odd bit without any loop, means using only one line?

Logical section You have given a two-register with garbage value you can divide and add only, how will you get value 8 in the first register? Sorry, sir, I am weak in EC concept, I can not solve this Just think you have two variables and unknown value present in both these variables? Ans: I will divide variable A by the variable A Now the variable A will have value one Now I will add this 8 times 8 times? Ans sorry sir, three times

Round 3: HR Can you tell me about NITK? Suppose we join NXP, the manager has given you a project which is half complete. No documentation is available. What will u do? First time when you heard about NXP? Do you know Hadoop ? do you think in the present world we really need any college when we already have an online course available and also some free resources such as youtube. ? Your manager is not there and you got stuck. What will you do ? What products nxp sell? What is big data? Name of any nosql database? Family?


BRANCH: Electronics and Communication Engineering

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer

JOB LOCATION : Anyone from Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Noida

NXP Semiconductors Interview Questions /  NXP  Interview Experience 

There were 4 rounds. The first round was a screening test. The test had 27 questions in total. 20 of which were MCQ, 2 were design questions related to state diagrams, and 5 were short answer types. There were only 2 analog questions 🙁 and the rest were based upon different topics of digital electronics.

The Second Round was the first technical interview. They asked me to introduce myself. I said something and then ended by saying that I am more interested in Analog. They started the interview by asking 2 questions from the screening test, one of them was based on Pipelining and the other was about the function of the JTAG programmer and the role of RESET on the programmer. Then they asked me about Stack pointer, Link pointer, and about DMA. After this, they asked me about Metastability and STA(Why setup/hold ..How to correct the violations) and then they ended the interview by asking how to compare 2 8-bit numbers. I used some intuition to answer the questions related to uP and comp. arch.

ANALOG  NXP INTERVIEW QUESTIONS The third round was an analog interview :)) .

Output stages, their relative comparison.

RC LPF and HPF. Why biasing? How to bias?

Working of CMOS inverter and Schmitt Trigger were the questions that were asked to me in this interview. This round was better than the previous one.

The final round was the HR round. It went on for about 30mins. Why you? Why NXP? Why Analog and what if you get a digital profile (Answering this was fun)? What if TI or Qualcomm offers the same job with a higher package(this was funnier XD)? were some of the questions that were asked to me


I studied digital basics from C.H. Roth. STA from the Vlsiexpert blog. (According to me Clock skew is more important than other topics, the same person has a youtube channel too. I referred a playlist for there to study about the Clock skew). I did not study pipelining (I had not answered the pipelining question.) You can read about the Output stages from Razavi. (if you have some doubts please don’t hesitate from mailing him. He replies back to your emails(he replied to some of my emails). You will find the email address on google). For OpAmps I referred Sergio Franco. Although I didn’t study them I would suggest you to study computer architecture, Pipelining and microprocessors very well. PS: Exchanging the input terminals of general OpAmp ckts and predicting the response helped me a lot to know more about OpAmps.

NXP is one of the developing companies in the semiconductor industry. While attending the pre-placement talk I got to know that they are working on LIDAR, RADAR, ADAS, and many other hifi communication terms were there. (ECE peeps who are interested in communication can give a try). You can actually get an interview arranged for the domain in which you are interested. The interviewers who were assigned for our college were (okay if not all then most of them) for digital domain. One of panel members who were assigned to me actually hinted that I will get an analog interview later on…..which did happen.


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  • Is NXP a good company to work for?

No doubt NXP is a good company ,the work culture you get here is the best and also for the freshers it is the best as you will learn a lot from her and the growth is awesome.

  • How do I get placed in NXP Semiconductors and what are the key factors? Also, do they put a lot of weightage on the CGPA?

Before coming on the placement thing first I would like to tell you about the cgp criteria. Actually it’s different in different institutions. But I would rather say have your CGPA more than 8 or 8.5 which puts you on the safer side. Our case the cut was made at 8.5 first and then revised to 7.5.

I can tell you about the broader perspective. The CV that you carry has a lot of importance. The summer training that you do and the projects you have worked upon is important. It’s not important to have done lots of project but even if you have done something you should be knowing what you have done. So if the interview that you have is of 40 minutes, out of that 20 min are for these things.

  • Selection procedure of NXP 

They conduct a paper of about 1:30 hour which contains questions regarding digital circuits, STA timing Analysis (must), basics of opamp,analog, state machines, computer architecture etc. Complete those questions first which you know you can do. And then do the ones which you don’t know. It’s important because at the time of interview this sheet will be in front of you and they will be asking you how you have done that. Also those questions which you do gets wrong, they guide you to do that. Thus checking whether you learn quickly or not which is the essential part of interview.

Try to have your basics cleared and everything will go just fine.

  • nxp semiconductors salary

The salary for   Software Engineer ranges from 12-15 LPA  as a fresher fron NIT/IITs

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Above we discussed  NXP Interview Experience and NXP semiconductors Interview Questions.Hope this give a overall idea of NXP semiconductors Recruitment Process for software engineer Interview.If you liked it do check your Interview Question Sections for more Interview Questions of Differnt Product and Service based company.




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