New Amdocs Recruitment process , Amdocs Interview Questions

Here in this post we will discuss overall  Amdocs Recruitment process  and Amdocs Interview Questions this will help you to get overall idea about the Amdocs pune recruitment process and help you crack Amdocs Interview.We also cover how to prepare for Amdocs Interview in the last section of  this post.

Below we share overall Interview Experience shared by some NIT/IIT students. Before going for any Interview, you need to go through the company details and some of company’s facts and figures. Here you give a brief about the company you can visit Amdocs  careers page for more details.

New Amdocs Recruitment process , Amdocs Interview Questions


Amdocs’ purpose is to enrich lives and progress society, using creativity and technology to build a better connected world. Amdocs and its 26,000 employees partner with the leading players in the communications and media industry, enabling next-generation experiences in 85 countries. Our cloud-native, open and dynamic portfolio of digital solutions, platforms and services brings greater choice, faster time to market and flexibility, to better meet the evolving needs of our customers as they drive growth, transform and take their business to the cloud. Listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market, Amdocs had revenue of $4.2 billion in fiscal 2020



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Amdocs Recruitment process , Amdocs Interview Questions


BRANCH: Computer Science and EngineeringAmdocs Interview question

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer Associate


Amdocs  Interview Questions /Amdocs Recruitment process

The Amdocs selection process had 4 rounds.

Technical test: This was 2 hours long and had multiple sections. It has aptitude, coding, technical qstns and verbal. The coding section had 3 questions which were easy to moderate level and was given 1 hour duration. 29 were qualified to next round.

Psychometric test: this test was for 15 minutes and had 50 questions. 27 were qualified to next round.

Technical interview: The interviewer asked me mainly about java+oops, little bit about os(locks), dsa(apps of data structures), sql(joins). He asked me to solve a coding qstn; to check whether a given number is an Armstrong number. He asked to explain the code and also how can we make it faster. 17 were qualified to next round.

HR interview: In this round, the interviewer asked few common HR qstns. Why amdocs? Career aspirations? Will amdocs provide platform to fulfil ur aspirations? Family background, what personal skills would like to improve? And a few more. 15 were selected after this round.

EXCERPTS FROM STUDENT 2                    Amdocs interview process

BRANCH: Computer Science and Engineering

JOB PROFILE:Software Engineer Associate


Amdocs  Interview Questions /Amdocs Recruitment process

It was online test with Apti+Subjects+Coding sections. I did 2 coding questions out of 3. All 3 questions were easy. They shortlisted around 27 students. [1st round] This was technical interview ,

code pair round Amdocs : Interviewer asked me to code 2 questions 1.)Binary search. 2.) Pattern Matching Then he asked to write SQL query for 2nd highest salary from employee table. I did wrote 2 variations of it. Then he asked a simple puzzle. i.e. to print hello world without using semicolon. [2nd Round] HR Interview . Out of 27 , 17 students were went for HR Interview. Interviewer asked about my background and then How many interviews have you given till now? Why Amdocs? One significant Achievement ? Life Goals ? and few others . It was a good interaction with HR.




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Amdocs Recruitment process , Amdocs Interview Questions

Amdocs Interview Questions (source geeksforgeeks)

  1. How are you?
  2. Let’s go through your resume(3 min for reading)
  3. Tell me something about yourself?
  4. What you did in your internship?
  5. What technology you used in that project? I said –  ML, Django, Android, python. Some basic questions on python:
  6. What is the difference between list and tuple?
  7. What is the difference between dict and list?
  8. How to debug code in python?
  9. So have you used a database in your project -I said No
  10. So you don’t know about databases? I said I had worked on the database in my second year.
  11. Question on oracle and MySQL
  12. Write a query for creating a table in chatbox?
  13. Do know joins explain
  14. When you use left outer join and right outer join (gave the Sneiorio two tables A and B ) and write a query for it?
  15. Write a query to fetch the record of the second highest salary from the emp table?
  16. What SQL language you know such as DML etc – I said DML, TCL, DCL, with real-time example he said great
  17. Can we delete a row from a table based on another table? – I said yes
  18. Write a query for it?
  19. Is possible to create a table without using create a statement? – I said yes
  20. Write query in the chatbox?
  21. I want 10 emp from table ?? Write a query
  22. Is possible to fetch data of 10 emp from emp id 45 to 55? I said yes, I started writing he said no need
  23. Tell one real-time example TCL? (early I explain DML only)
  24. Every day I got one mail on outlook, I want the screenshot of this mail to my Whatsapp? Give me a solution for this?Again he asks
  25. Can you create an Android app for this automation?
  26. You and another person gave the solution for the product? How you convince to select your idea!! (tricky one!!)
  27. Based on what factors you choose your idea or your colleague?

Amdocs SQL  Interview Questions

1. What is  COMMIT ?

amdocs sql questions

2. How to update a field in SQL after ALTERING a row?

3. How to add  conditions in SQL?

4. How to use copy and concatenate commands in SQL?

5. Write a program to fetch first 10 records from a file?

6. What are clusters? How to use clusters?

8. Write an SQL query to drop a table?

9.what is SQL joins and name some joins??

10.SQL Query to find second-highest salary of Employee ?
ANS: select MAX(Salary) from Employee WHERE Salary NOT IN (select MAX(Salary) from Employee );  

11. SQL Query to find Max Salary from each department?

ANS:   SELECT DeptID, MAX(Salary) FROM Employee GROUP BY DeptID.  

12. Write an SQL Query to check whether date passed to query is the date of given format or not.

ANS: SELECT ISDATE('1/08/13') AS "MM/DD/YY";  

13. Write an SQL Query to find the year from date.


14. How do you find all employees which are also manager?

ANS: SELECT, FROM Employee e, Employee m WHERE e.mgr_id = m.emp_id;

15. There is a table which contains two column Student and Marks, you need to find all the students, whose marks are greater than average marks i.e. list of above average students.

ANS:SELECT student, marks from table where marks > SELECT AVG(marks) from table)




How do I crack Amdocs technical interview?How do I crack Amdocs technical interview

For aptitude, practise regularly on whatever websites or books you like, you will gain the speed. Common topics I have observed were time and distance, compound interest and simple interest, time and work, profit and loss, data interpretation.

For CS subjects and technical rounds, I have used my GATE notes and standard textbooks. Look at the job description of the company; they would mention what subjects and topics they would ask. Attend the pre-placement talk, and they will discuss what they are looking for in a candidate and prepare yourself according to that.

For coding, I have practised on leetcode and interviewbit. Look at the interview experience discussion pages on leetcode and geeksforgeeks. Practice with a mainstream language like C/C++, Java, Python and stick with it, those are the languages wanted/allowed by most companies. Some companies don’t allow other languages, e.g. JavaScript, Ruby, Scala, so it is safer to practice with C/C++, Java, Python, and ask for the version of the language they are allowing, some companies allowed only C++11, Java 7. Be strong at the common data structures and algorithms like linked lists, trees, hashmaps and sorting, searching, traversing etc… know the time complexities and space complexities. leetcode has follow-up questions for many of their questions, solve those as well.

The interviewer might ask different variations of the same question or ask you to use a different data structure/algorithm, so be prepared for it as well. Sometimes the interviewer may not ask you to write the code, they want the approach, and you have to explain it, so while you are practising, write down the approach on a paper and read it out loud, you would get better at it. Don’t jump into coding right away, ask questions about the input (even if you know the question already), don’t be hesitant to ask them to explain a sample test case and ask for hints if you are stuck.

Don’t be quiet while writing the code, say it out loud whatever is running in your mind. For the HR round, just google the common hr round questions, write down the points they mention their company in the pre-placement talk and recite those points to them if they ask anything related to their company, that will do the trick. At the end of each round, they let you ask questions about their company, don’t shy away from the opportunity. Asking questions about the company will create an impression that you are interested in the company. Google some good questions and remember them, when the time comes, recite those questions, and sit through their answers with a smile.

New Amdocs Recruitment process , Amdocs Interview Questions


  • What is Amdocs famous for?

Ans: Amdocs cloud-native, open and dynamic portfolio of digital solutions, platforms and services brings greater choice, faster time to market and flexibility, to better meet the evolving needs of our customers as they drive growth, transform and take their business to the cloud.

  • Is Amdocs a good company?

Ans: Amdocs is an incredible association in every one of the angles whether it’s learning, cash, fun, proficient life, corporate and so forth It’s actually an incredible work environment where you can have work with fun. Part of Employee commitment exercises. Extraordinary learning openings

  • Is Amdocs interview easy?

Ans : Depends on which role you are applying, for Software Engineer Associate it is quite smooth and not so hectic and interviewers were good, and they handled the process smoothly.

  • Is Amdocs good for freshers?

Ans: No doubt Amdocs is great for freshers. It will provide you the opportunity to grow and help you build our career ahead. If you are joining the company, you will definitely have a great future ahead.

  • What is the CTC of Amdocs for Software Engineer Associate ?

Ans: NIT/IIT students will get around 9-12 LPA . In some NITs it was 9 lakh per annum.







Above we discussed  Amdocs Recruitment process and Amdocs  Interview Questions.Hope this give an overall idea Amdocs  Recruitment Process for software engineer Interview. If you liked it, do check your Interview Question Sections for more Interview Questions of Different Product and Service based company. interview questions

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